Rivals for Creation

Here we pick up on our “How did we get here?” Creation Series:

The contemporary discussion about origins is usually polarised between Atheistic Evolution and some form of Creation or Intelligent Design approach. Later on, we are going to have a look at the Creation v Evolution debate; however, it is worth noting that, for most of history, atheistic evolution has not been the primary rival to the Biblical account of Creation.

Rather, when the Bible accounts were first written, each ancient culture had its own Creation myth or story. Indeed, some scholars have suggested that the Genesis account of Creation, Fall and Flood is an Israelite copy or adaption of either the Babylonian or the Canaanite origins myth.[1] Such a view is a little simplistic and not without its problems, however, and we will come back to that later. Continue reading


The Same God or Different? (Part 2)

“Surely we all worship the same God don’t we?” This is another perspective on the “Which  God?” debate. Is it right for Christians to think of other religions (especially Abrahamic ones) as having essentially the same God. Continue reading

The same God or Different? (Part 1)

If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck and looks like a duck…. it probably is a duck.

So, when we talk about people believing in a god, do they essentially believe in the same thing? This question has two aspects. On the one hand it can be seen as supporting pluralism and interfaith movements. “We all worship the same God.” On the other hand, it may support the atheist and the agnostic position – all your gods are equally ridiculous and without proof.

This links to our earlier posts about different gods.  What we have seen is that the choice in the end comes down to two options. You either believe that this World is made by a sovereign, eternal, personal God would is transcendent and immanent, or you don’t.

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