The Subversive City


We have an inbuilt, deep seated desire to belong.  Humans are social creatures, we look for company, we seek to build partnerships. We are at our best when we work together.  We have a desire to create, to build, to develop and improve. Continue reading


The Numbers Game (Part 2): Success or faithfulness

In part 1, we saw the dangers in terms of trying to measure how a church is doing in terms of numerical success. But does that mean that we can’t ever really know how things are going?

Tim Keller is very helpful on this. He starts his book “Center Church” by describing how people often try to measure how they are doing as a church by counting conversions, members etc. He says that: Continue reading

Open Theism – wider and further reading

We’re going to leave the topic of Open Theism behind for a little while. No doubt it will come up again as we look at other aspects of belief.

In the meantime, if you want to follow up on some of the issues raised then here’s some suggested further reading. Continue reading

How to listen to evangelistic sermons (If you are already a Christian)

At any one time in a gathering there will be Christians and non-Christians present. This presents the preacher with a challenge.  Does he primarily focus on preaching to the Christians to edify and build them up or does he focus on evangelising the enquirers. Either way, he risks leaving part of the audience behind. Or does he?  One helpful way of approaching the sermon is to preach at one type of listener but with the expectation that the others present will in effect be able to overhear and by analogy apply the sermon to themselves.  So if my main application is for Christians, the non-Christian should be able to trace the Gospel through what I say.  Likewise, there should be something for even mature believers in an evangelistic talk.  So, if I’m the believer in the congregation, how should I listen to an evangelistic sermon?

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If context is King then contextualisation is ….?

Today I had the privilege of learning with and from other church leaders and planters about sharing God’s good news in different cultural contexts. Here are some notes and reflections. Continue reading