Corporate Repentance?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been writing about the challenge facing our churches as we recognise our failure to reach people from working class and ethnic minorities with the gospel and to grow churches that in terms of attendance, membership and leadership reflect ethnic and class diversity.

I’ve noted that there have been a number of calls for repentance for past failure and past sin and the possibility of “corporate repentance”. In a previous article, I talked about the need some of the challenges with this, specifically, how do you bring people together collectively and who speaks for them. Continue reading


A movement for change

In the last couple of articles I’ve been writing about issues to do with race (and a little about class) that we need to respond to if we are to see multi-cultural churches reaching multi-cultural communities.

Of course, it is easy to identify problems but how does change happen? We say that “The Church” or even “The Conservative Evangelical constituency” need to change.  Agreed, but what does that look like in practice? Continue reading

Still not learning and still not repenting

The Church of England has announced it is providing £2.6 million to help revitalise church life in Newcastle. That’s right £2.6 million pound. That’s enough to pay for the salaries and building hire of 13 church plants over a 5 year period. Think of the difference this investment could make if the C of E were to partner with Oak Hill Theological College and Acts 29 to get 13 church leaders onto some of the neediest estates in the North East of England. Continue reading

We are looking for Gospel workers

Our desire as a local church in the urban West Midlands is to see people in our inner cities and on our estates come to faith in Jesus Christ. We see fields white for harvest but also that the labourers are few. If you have a passion to see people in urban Britain come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour, we’d love to invite you to come and join us in the mission field here. We are praying that God will send labourers into our harvest field. Continue reading

6 Reasons why we have failed to reach working class and deprived communities (Unreached)

In his book Unreached, Tim Chester identifies 6 reasons why the church has struggled to reach working class and deprived communities. Continue reading

Getting to know the West Midlands

So, you are thinking about pastoral ministry in an urban area, maybe as a trainee, pastor, church planter or part of a revitalisation team. Where do you start? One thing I would encourage you to do is spend some time getting to know the area, getting a feel for the communities and cultures.  There’s a good role model for this. Paul spent time walking around Athens, observing. Continue reading

Some thoughts on culture shock

What happens when someone moves from one culture to another? We are especially concerned about this when thinking about cross cultural mission. Whilst this primarily applies to Christians moving from one country to another, it might also include moving between communities in one country. Examples might include: Continue reading