What Stops me? Obstacles in the search for Eternal Life

Some people ask Jesus about divorce and re-marriage.  Jesus tells them that marriage is permanent unless there has been sexual immortality.  Jesus denies a man permission to leave his wife if he finds fault with her. The disciples are shocked. They say Continue reading


…and then there’s the great Spaghetti god in the sky

This is linked to my earlier post on whether atheists believe in one less god out of 3ooo than Christians.  The point the atheist is making is that there are all of these so called gods out there with equally competing claims – how do I know that my god is valid?  Every religion claims that its god made the Universe, controls it answers prayer etc.  So, why shouldn’t I, just as plausibly believe in the great spaghetti monster? Continue reading

The problem of Genocide in the Old Testament

We need to start with an honest admission –this is a difficult question.  Some things are tough for us to understand and accept in our culture.  This is both because of Continue reading

Can I trust the Bible? A question of presuppositions

Presuppositions are the foundational beliefs that underpin our worldviews. Why is this important when we are considering the question “Can I trust the Bible?” Continue reading

Can I trust the Bible? Joseph in Egypt (Case Study 4)



Towards the end of the book of Genesis we’re told about the 12 sons of Jacob. Joseph, the second youngest son is sold by his brothers into slavery in Egypt. There, God enables him to interpret dreams and rise to the role of Grand Vizier or Prime Minister.   Continue reading

Can I trust the Bible? Israel’s early History -Exodus and Kings (Case Study 3)

One of the definitive events in Biblical history and theology is the Exodus from Egypt, Israel’s entry into the Promised Land and the eventual foundation of the Kingdom.  Continue reading

Can I trust the Bible? – The Gospels and AD 70 (Case Study 2)

One of the key arguments in favour of trusting the Bible, particularly the Gospels is that we are dealing with eye witness accounts and generally speaking, historians give significant weight to eye-witness reports. Continue reading