Not just clumsy … Wrong

You’ll have seen the commentary on the Northern Men’s Convention and the controversial publicity for this year’s event. Following Graham Nicholl’s challenge on the Affinity site that the language of the invitation was clumsy, a statement from the convention appeared on their website this morning apologising and acknowledging that the language was “clumsy.” By midday, that apology had disappeared Continue reading


The Foreigner in your midst: Immigration, Racism and The Church

The other day, I picked up on the theme of “the foreigner in your midst.” There is a Biblical principle for how we treat, love and care for immigrants. I want to push that a little bit further because, as the campaigners for the abolition of the slave trade realised, when someone has put their trust in Jesus, they are not a foreigner in our midst, they are part of God’s people, they are part of the family. Continue reading

Target Cultures, Hostile Environments and Immigration

Amber Rudd resigned on Sunday evening not because of the Windrush Generation scandal (although that created the context for her resignation) rather, it was because she misled the House of Commons over whether or not the Home Office set targets for deportation removals.

Part of the confusion seems to be around different definitions of target.  Now, for as long as I can remember, there has been strong political support for controlling immigration. Not only that, but there has been a long history of setting targets both in government and in private business in order to encourage improvement. Hospitals have been set waiting time targets, manufacturers will have on time delivery targets, schools have targets for % Grades 9-5 (replacing the old A* – C) and individual pupils will have target grades. So, I am inclined to think that the confusion may have been genuine rather than intentional misleading as I’m not sure what Rudd had to gain from this.  Continue reading