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Posted by Nayda on January 04, 2017

Windedvoyage Com

Windedvoyage Com com. A 55 year old man goes to sail around the world on his old 40' yacht. He documents his adventures as an on-going continuous real life selfie-documentary called Winded Voyage

Winded Voyage - Home. Winded Voyage, Anywhere. 553 likes. A 55 year old Swiss man goes to sail around the world on a small yacht and documents his adventures as an on-going

Windedvoyage Com

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Naked Beach And Raw Sailing. The solo sail continues as do the anchor tests. A chance to go to the naked beach and raw sailing. So I revisit the naked beach, Playa Mujeres, to drop the hook for another test and a swim ashore.

Winded Voyage Sailing. Just about everybody at one point or another has had either the dream or the passing notion of getting on a boat sailing into the sunset. So why not follow a

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